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Experience exceptional shisha sessions with STARBUZZ PREMIUM COCONUT INSTANT LIGHT CHARCOAL 35MM 100PCS. Crafted to perfection, this high-quality coconut charcoal is the ultimate choice for shisha enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled smoking experience.

With its convenient instant lighting feature, STARBUZZ PREMIUM COCONUT CHARCOAL ensures hassle-free preparation. No more waiting around for the coals to ignite! Simply light the edges with a match or lighter, and within moments, you'll be greeted by consistent, even heat that enhances the flavor of your favorite shisha blends.

Made from premium coconut shells, this charcoal offers a clean and natural burn, devoid of unwanted chemicals or additives. Its 35mm size ensures a long-lasting and enjoyable smoking session, providing ample heat to keep your shisha bowl evenly heated throughout.

STARBUZZ PREMIUM COCONUT CHARCOAL is expertly designed to minimize ash and smoke, allowing you to focus on the rich flavors and aromatic clouds of your shisha. Its dense composition ensures minimal ashing, keeping your shisha experience mess-free and enjoyable.