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Welcome to Savacco, your one-stop destination for premium shisha products. We are excited to introduce the STARBUZZ PRE-POKED ROUND ALUMINUM FOIL 5.5 - PACK OF 50, a must-have accessory for an unparalleled shisha smoking experience.

Crafted with precision, this pack of 50 round aluminum foils by Starbuzz is designed to enhance the flavor and longevity of your shisha sessions. Each foil measures 5.5 inches in diameter, providing an ideal fit for most shisha bowls. Gone are the days of struggling with unevenly poked holes or spending time meticulously poking them yourself. Starbuzz has taken care of that for you, ensuring convenience and consistent airflow.

The high-quality aluminium material used in these foils helps regulate heat distribution, ensuring optimal heat management throughout your session. This means you can enjoy rich, flavourful smoke without the fear of overheating or harshness. The pre-poked holes are strategically placed, allowing for efficient heat transfer and even airflow, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable shisha experience every time.